Affiliate Program
  • We pay out 45% to those who spread the word on our life-changing formulas.

  • Simple. No monthly requirements.  Just share and earn each month.

  • Lifetime rewards on all repeat orders.

  • Promote to Customers, Health Practitioners, and other Affiliates.

Do you have a passion for natural health? Do you enjoy helping others, or have a background in marketing, team-building and coaching? Then consider joining our Synaptic Affiliate Program.

Word-of-mouth advocacy is the main way we grow and how others find out about our formulas.

Because of this, we reward anyone who helps promote our effective formulas.

We do this through two methods: 

1. Customers: Everyone who purchases from Synaptic automatically gets a unique referral link, which when shared, gives the customer 25% in Product Points. These points accumulate and can be redeemed for discounts or free future purchases.  There are no fees or  requirements. 

2. Affiliate Program: if you are someone who wants to earn extra money, consider joining our Affiliate Program. 


  • 25% paid on all direct referrals. For life. 
  • 20% additional paid on any referral’s referrals. 
  • Share with end users, as well as any health practitioners. 
  • Deep discounts (up to 45% off) on product packs. 
  • Lifetime associations. Earn on all repeat orders forever. 


There is no enrollment fee, no annual membership, or monthly requirements to be a Synaptic Affiliate.

New affiliates only need to purchase a one-time discounted product pack ( 6, 12, or 18 items, up to 45% off retail price). To see these packs, click on the Next button below.

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