Builder Program

For those with marketing backgrounds

Do you have a background in marketing, team-building and coaching? Do you have a passion for natural health? Then consider joining our Builder Program.

Word-of-mouth advocacy is the main way our company grows.

Because of this, we reward anyone who helps promote our effective formulas through two levels of involvement:

  • Customers
  • Builders

Customer Program
This is the best choice for most people, which makes sense, since most of us are simply consumers of the products we like. Anyone who purchases from Synaptic automatically gets a unique referral link after their first purchase. When that referral link is shared, purchases give the customer Points, which can be redeemed on their own future purchases.  It’s fun, and there are no fees, skills or requirements. Our Customer Program is perfect for those who like sharing what works for them, and want to help cover the costs of their own products. Simply purchase a bottle of Cognition and you’re automatically enrolled.

Builder Program
For those who want more, and who have existing marketing skills, with backgrounds in team-building and coaching, we offer our Builder Program. This is similar to a VP of Sales position in other companies, with the difference being that you are completely independent—you set your own hours, you are a free agent that can be associated with other companies and positions, and there is no ceiling on your income.

If the Builder program sounds like a good match for your skills, click the button below to register and get started. 

If you want to register and sign up, click the button below.