The best plant-based brain tonic nootropic on the market today.

  • Extremely concentrated
  • Up to 65x strength levels
  • Effects felt within minutes
  • Farm-to-formula traceability
  • Supports focus and clarity
  • Zero caffeine, nothing artificial

Support For Peak Creativity & Brain Health

Cognition™ was designed for anyone whose career and creativity depend in their ability to focus, concentrate, and think clearer. It is a highly concentrated liquid brain-boosting supplement, a mix of Ayurvedic plants and compounds that each have been shown to support beneficial effects on cognition and brain health.

Cognition is the right tool for those who need sections of time when the mind is firing on all cylinders; when there is a boost in creativity, mood uplift, clarity, being centered, clear decision making, amplified determination, and the overall ability to get things done. This includes:

  • knowledge workers
  • coders
  • writers/authors/teachers
  • students (cramming, or studying difficult topics)
  • procrastinators, anyone easily distracted
  • anyone looking for a healthier alternatives

We started creating and marketing plant-based brain tonics back in 2006. Now with the new Cognition™ formula, we have created the best plant-based nootropic in the world today.

No sugar. No caffeine. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. 


As product developers, few things annoy  us more than ineffective formulas. 

With Cognition, our number one goal was strength. So we started with efficacious amounts of each ingredient, and then worked backwards. There is so much in each serving that our chemists had a hard time in R&D to get it all mixed in. 

We also use an innovative technology called Supercritical Fluid Extraction, or SCFE.

SCFE uses extremely cold CO2 to separate the terpenes and other active ingredients from Ayurvedic plants to end up with strengths far beyond the methods available to us even back in 2013.  Instead of 1-to-1 raw dried herb capsules, or classic steam and alcohol tinctures in the 5:1 range, SCFE allows us to get beyond even 70:1 concentrations. 

The resulting resinous matrix is expensive—some of Cognition’s ingredients cost us $1300 per kilo—but once you try it, you will realize, too, that it was worth it. It has allowed us to take natural plant-based nootropics to a whole new level.

Drone photo of one of the four farms where Synaptic’s plants are grown, outside of Pune, India. No pesticides are used.

The harvested plants are then taken to this Supercritical Fluid Extraction manufacturing lab, where each plant is processed down to the concentrations shown in the above Supplement Facts panel.

Source & Traceability

A driving force behind Synaptic is to show people the power of plant-based formulas for their physical and mental well-being. This puts a paramount importance on knowing exactly where each ingredient comes from. 

We spent months searching for the growers and manufacturers who know their farmers and had the documentation of how each plant is grown, and then had the technology to turn these plants into high concentrations.

This is the view up the hill from the farm. All plants are grown without pesticides or herbicides, and this requires being away from pollution sources and more in nature.


The farm from where we get our  Ayurvedic plants.

More details on each of the Cognition’s ingredients —

Bacopa monnieri.

Potency = 55x strength

Extracts from the Bacopa monnieri leaf has been used for more than 1400 years by Ayurvedic practitioners for its support with memory and cognition. Recent 2020 research has focused primarily on Bacopa’s support of cognitive function, memory, learning, and concentration. 

Our FDA-audited manufacturing lab takes 55 pounds of Bacopa monnieri leaf, and processes it through CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction, extracting the active and beneficial compounds to end up with just 1 pound of Bacopa concentrate.

Celastrus paniculatus.

4x strength

Also known as Intellect Tree in Sanskrit, the seed of Celastrus supports memory improvement by increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain. Its effect has been compared to piracetam, one of the earliest lab-produced nootropics. Supports memory, mood, and stress response. Our 4x extract is made into “black oil” which contains the most concentrated active compounds.

Centella asiatica. 

55x strength

Centella asiatica has a particularly large amount of bioactive terpenes and other compounds, and has long been used as a mental rejuvenator for fatigue and concentration. Several mechanisms of actions have demonstrated support for protection against brain plaque (beta-amyloid) formation, and anti-stress and mood uplifting properties in pre-clinical studies. 

A-glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline.

AGP Choline (aka Alpha-GPC) is arguably the most clinically studied of all nootropics. Available only as a prescription until the late ’90s, AGP increases the amount of acetylcholine, and plays a supportive roles in attention, concentration, memory formation and recall. It is naturally found in breast milk, meats and small fish, and Synaptic uses a vegan form derived from non-GMO soy.

By weight, A-glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline is the most efficient form of choline nootropic on the market. It’s also the most expensive. We use 333mg of 99% pure AGP choline in every 2ml serving.

Convolvulus pluricaulis.

65x strength

Long used as a traditional nerve tonic for neuroprotection and inflammation, the US Department of Agriculture recently noted Convolvulus pluricaulis’ history as a medicinal plant that supports intellect and memory. Clinical studies further show that this plant induces a state of calm and peace, and this is why we use a 65x strength of this herb in Cognition.

Griffonia simplicifolia.

55x strength

Griffonia simplicifolia is the only plant in our Cognition formula not from India (it grows exclusively in Africa), and its seeds are the source of one of the most extraordinary nootropics that exists—the amino acid 5-Hydroxytryptophan, better known as 5-HTP, an important building block for the neurotransmitter serotonin. Most people familiar with 5-HTP use it to regulate the sleep cycle and appetite. But it’s biggest effect that we’ve seen is in supporting elevation of mood and well being.

Mucuna pruriens.

75x strength

The seeds of this legume contain the precursors to some of our brain’s most important neurotransmitters, including noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Ayurvedic medicine has used Mucuna pruriens extract for centuries for its neuroprotective properties.

Ocimum sanctum. 

33x strength

Considered a preeminent plant in Ayurvedic medicine, the leaves of Ocimum sanctum studies show pharmacological actions  including positive effects on memory, anti-depression, and boosting acetylcholine levels. We boost this further by concentrating this extract 33 times.