Our Influencer Program

Influencer Program

Do you have a social media following of at least 700 followers?

If so, Synaptic Scientific offers skilled social media influencers a specific program just for Influencers, which gives excellent commissions for promoting Cognition’s extraordinary benefits.

Benefits of our Influencer Program include: 

  • 10-35% commissions on each month’s total referral sales
  • Your referral customers and any of their repeat orders remain in your team forever
  • Our product has a high reorder rate, so you can earn residuals for months and years
  • There is no need for personal purchases
  • You can be a citizen in almost any country of the world and still be compensated as a Synaptic Scientific Influencer.

If you would like to apply for our Influencer Program, email us at support [at] synapticscientific.com and include the following information: 

  • Your website 
  • Your social media pages (such as YouTube, podcast, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Why you would be a good fit for representing Synaptic
  • Some method of texting you (your cell phone, WhatsApp, Signal, etc.)

Our Influencer program has no requirements once you sign up, and is for single-level pay only (i.e., only Customers who order through your referral link). If you’re looking to build a multi-tiered team, consider joining our Builder Program, or sign up here.