Real Results from Real Customers

These are real stories.

We now get these daily through texts or emails. We’ve gotten permission from each person to share their results. 

I have been replacing Cognition with my adderall, and it has been pretty effective and very similar. I'm noticing a steady energy and focus.

Brooke O. Psychotherapist

For months, I'd wake up alert and within 2 hours, I would be fighting to stay awake. This has not happened for the past month since starting with Cognition. I wake up alert and it sticks! Also, I'm remembering people's names now, even months after meeting them.

Dr. Dale Winston

I'm focused. I stay the course. I'm persistent. I'm getting things done, and not only completing projects, but I'm at ease getting those projects done. This product is not hype.

Maxine L.

I took 4ml of Cognition, and am feeling very alert and ready to hit the deck running. And that's despite a poor night's sleep last night.

Nancy F. age 74

“Cognition absolutely does promote a kind of calm clarity and increased focus in me. It's a sustained mental acuity. “

Dave F, age 68

"Cognition™ surprised me from the first day on; it cleared a fog that I didn’t know I had. Truly, my mind has cleared. It’s as if I ingested a higher frequency through these plants somehow, and my brain adapted to it, like a tuning fork."

Cyndi B.

"I used 6 pumps [3ml]. In minutes, a rush went through my head. Now hours later, there is a balanced awareness. I am very impressed at these results."

Andrew L, food chemist

"This is good stuff. I actually like the taste, and it gives me mental clarity and focus."

Howard S, Project Manager of 3,100

"I'm just on my third day, and the benefits keep expanding. It's like I had a deficiency in the active nutrients in these plants, and I am getting replenished. The results are a growing calm awareness, insight and memory."

James J.

The most I paint in one sitting is 3-4 hours. I tried a few pumps of Cognition and ended up painting for 6 hours. I was on a roll.