"Mental health—depression, anxiety, ADHD, motivation focus, concentration, clear level-headed thinking and balanced emotions—can be profoundly helped through plant-based cognitive-enhancing formulas."
Scott Ohlgren


I’m the owner and formulator of Synaptic Scientific. I’ve had an  interest in natural foods as medicine going back to the mid-70s, and a particular love of cognitive and longevity herbal formulas. I graduated from a natural foods school in the ’80s, and wrote three books on the diet-disease/diet-health connection that sold 80,000 hard copies in print. In 2007, I started the world’s first non-caffeinated think drink company, TrueToniqs, and our Brain Toniq beverage was the first nootropic ever to be sold in Whole Foods. By 2012, over 1,400 health food stores across North America, Europe and Russia were carrying Brain Toniq with over 2.5 million units a year.

Since then, there’s been an increase in pharmaceutical drug use to tweak the mind: 14 million Americans currently use amphetamines to deal with brain fog and concentration. Another 37 million—around 18% of the adult population—use antidepressants.

We at Synaptic believe that this increase correlates to the increase our culture is seeing in over-reactivity, black-and-white thinking, gross generalization, loss of language accuracy, argumentative thinking, divisive aggressiveness, even cult-like behavior.

We believe this is is a sign of the loss of neuroplasticity, the ability to truly think clearly and logically, and caused in part by using the wrong tools.

There is a much better way, and the answer lies—in part—with concentrated cognitive-enhancing plants. The studies and research papers are available— unbiased plant chemists reporting their findings in—that are showing real brain repair. 

With the advent of new plant extraction technologies, we are now able to reach new levels of potency that were unheard of even a few years ago. This has changed the game on how we can help humans think clearer and make better choices in their work and life. The socio-cultural impact alone is perfect timing for these unprecedented times.

“Mental health—depression, anxiety, ADHD, motivation focus, concentration, clear level-headed thinking and balanced emotions—can be profoundly helped through plant-based cognitive-enhancing formulas.”

Nourishing the brain, instead of tweaking it.

Brain chemicals—serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and more—influence mood, mental health, and sound reasoning. Chemical imbalances of these can easily be caused by stress, bad dietary choices and the use of chemical stimulants.

As a natural product formulator, my interest isn’t in ingredients that pull nutrients from the body. I’m interested in feeding the system with plant-based ingredients that nourish the mind of every user.


The impetus behind Synaptic Scientific is to take all of the best superfoods that I’ve been using myself for decades, and to create a small set of extremely potent, best-in-their-class formulas that have a noticeable, palpable effect on health, and to find a way to price them better than anything else in the marketplace. 

My decades-long mission carries through in Synaptic Scientific, and that is to expose more and more people to the power and intelligence of using herbal plants as their main medicine cabinet.


Cognition™ takes nootropics to completely new heights of efficacy by utilizing CO2 technical innovations that brings each plant’s concentrations to extraordinary levels.

Personally, when I take Cognition, I feel an immediate increase in well-being, and a clarity in the mind that gives me a sense of motivation to do something good and worthy.

L2 medicinal mushroom mix

L2 combines two of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms—fully mature Ganoderma lucidum spores and Cordyceps militaris— from a biodynamic organic grower deep in the Dabie Mountain area of China, which produces the highest amounts of the active ingredients (triterpenes, β-glucans).